How to Get a Parakeet to Like You

Hand-training your parakeet will help you get to know them better and gain their trust. Start by simply putting your hand in their cage to feed and water them, and talk to them softly. Once your budgie is comfortable with you in and out of their cage, try training them to step up on your finger for millet spray treats. It may take a while for them to learn this.

Spend Time With Them

Parakeets, also known as budgies, are fun to play with. They are intelligent birds that are very easy to train. The best way to bond with your budgie is by spending time with them outside of their cage. This will help them to get used to you and trust you. Spend at least an hour a day with them and talk to them.

You can start training your budgie with simple commands. This will give your bird a sense of accomplishment and will help them to bond with you. For example, you can train your budgie to step up on your finger using millet spray as a reward. Simply press your index finger against their abdomen just below their feet and tell them to “step up.” Once they do, reward them with a nibble of the millet spray. Continue this process for a few repetitions and then start to move your hand up toward their face.

You can also teach your budgie to perch on your hand without any food. This will require patience and persistence on your part. However, it will be well worth it in the end. During this time, be sure to only use positive reinforcement. Negative reinforcement, such as yelling at your budgie when they make mistakes, will only scare them and will not make them trust you.How to Get a Parakeet to Like You

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Give Them Treats

During your time with your parakeet, give them treats that they enjoy. This will make them feel good and build up their trust in you. During these times, don’t grab your bird from their cage, instead, simply spend time near their cage talking calmly to them in a soothing voice. They will want you to be near them and will start to come out to you when they’re ready.

Once your parakeet feels comfortable around you, you can begin training them to step up onto your hand. Start by letting them see your hand in their cage and then gently pressing your finger against their perch like a perch, encouraging them to hop on it. When they do, reward them with a small amount of millet spray. Slowly return them to their perch and then repeat the process a few more times.

Another great treat for a parakeet is a piece of fresh fruit. This is a healthy way to supplement their diet and can help them get some extra vitamins and minerals. Just make sure that the fruits and vegetables you use are safe and pesticide-free.

If your parakeet starts to chatter with you and mimics words that you say, then they’re probably starting to consider you as one of their family members. They may also start to preen you by brushing their wings against your clothes or head.

How to Get a Parakeet to Like You

Feed Them With Your Hand

Once your parakeet is comfortable with you and seems happy when you are around, it’s a good time to train them to eat from your hand. Put a piece of millet in your palm and remain very still while they nibble on it. Do this a few times a day until they begin to approach your hand without hesitation.

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Parrots are very smart, and it is possible to train them to do a variety of tricks. However, it is important to remember that they can also be very sensitive. If your parakeet is showing you signs of discomfort, such as shaking their head or biting, it is important not to punish them, as they will not understand this.

Rather, try using positive reinforcement instead. This means that you will reward a behavior that you want to encourage and ignore any negative behaviors. This will help your parakeet trust you, as they will know that you only want what is best for them.

If you have succeeded in getting your parakeet to eat from your hand, it’s a great idea to start training them other simple tricks. One easy trick to teach is the “step up” command. Hold a treat in your hand and place your finger between them, saying’step up’ or another auditory command that you can easily pronounce. Once they step up, give them the treat and softly tell them how good they are.

How to Get a Parakeet to Like You

Talk To Them

While parakeets don’t have vocal cords like humans, they do “talk” by emitting a sound that is uncannily similar to speech. They use this method to communicate with other birds and their owners.

Talking is a sign that your pet is comfortable in your company and trusts you. They may even repeat words that you say back to you if they really love you. This is a very sweet gesture and shows that your pet considers you part of the family.

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To teach your parakeet to talk, start by moving their cage into a quiet room so they can hear you clearly. Choose a word that you would like them to learn and repeat it often, offering treats when they successfully pronounce it. You can also play music that they enjoy to help get them used to hearing your voice. Most parakeets like pop, R and B, and classical music.

Once your parakeet has learned a simple word, you can begin to add more to their vocabulary. It is best to start with consonants that are easy for them to mimic such as d, k, p, t, and b. This way, you can quickly move on to phrases as they become more proficient in reproducing the words. Once they have mastered one phrase, they will want to repeat it again and again.